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Sage Intelligence vs Sage ‘Enterprise’ Intelligence

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How Can I Tell The Difference? By now, you’ve probably heard of Sage Intelligence. But lately, you may also be hearing about a newer Sage “Enterprise” Intelligence option.  While both products provide business intelligence (BI) [...]

Daily Income Journal

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How to Avoid Death by Spreadsheet Every property or hotel management company we work with tells us the same thing – the Daily Income Journal is your most important operational report. And for many, it’s also the most challenging to get your hands on. In this article, we’ll talk about why it’s so difficult to produce a timely and accurate daily income journal and what you can do to significantly improve the process (and your business!). […]

Introducing Sage 300c – Should I Upgrade?

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Concurrent with the release of Sage 300 2016 a couple of months ago, Sage also launched a new product called Sage 300c. In this article, we’ll provide answers to some frequently-asked questions about this newest addition to the Sage 300 product family. And for existing customers, we’ll help you determine whether it makes sense to upgrade to Sage 300c or stick with the version you’re currently using. […]