How Parts Inventory Management Helps YOU

A business needs to have a healthy cash flow and, since cash flow is unpredictable, cash reserves as well. Good parts inventory management helps businesses do so by ensuring that there is always enough stock and the proper equipment to guarantee the continuation of sales. Failure to do efficient parts inventory management amounts to lost sales, costly backorders, and unhappy customers.

Many businesses rely on inventory management software systems that automatically send daily reports to help ensure that both stock and equipment levels are appropriate. Such software, such as Sage 300 ERP, is enormously useful for an organization: it offers accurate accounting, tracks inventory, and organizes and stores all of a business’s documentation related to accounts, suppliers, inventory, etc.

Inventory management software helps businesses by encompassing all their processes, including:

  •          ordering
  •          purchasing
  •          receiving
  •          tracking
  •          shipping
  •          …and back to the beginning

A manufacturer, for instance, maintains different inventories – raw materials, finished goods, buffer inventory, etc. Running short of an essential component or dealing with broken machinery can bring operations to a halt, which is highly costly. Using a software system to keep inventory well managed guards against the possibility of missing pieces and allows for the faster fixing of issues like broken equipment.

All businesses have inventory, and so all businesses should be striving for the most efficient and effective ways to manage that inventory. The only way to remain competitive in today’s market is to identify and tackle inventory problems as quickly as possible to prevent longer term issues from arising.

And while it is possible to do parts inventory management without a software system, it’s far from ideal. Contact Acumen Information Systems today to learn more about inventory management systems and how having one would help your business.


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