Our Commitment & Methodology

Our Commitment & Methodology 2017-05-23T03:38:54-04:00

Our Commitment

Our professional relationships are very important to us, and so we pledge our highest level of service to you and look forward to demonstrating our capabilities to those with whom we interact.

In that spirit, it is our promise that:

  • We will act with integrity in everything we do for and with you.
  • Our services and products will be of exceptional quality and designed to assist you in achieving your unique goals.
  • We will act as a team in all our dealings with you
  • We will offer you full access to our range of expertise.
  • We will provide consistent and proactive communication throughout our relationship.
  • We will meet the deadlines we mutually set.
  • We will absolutely respect the confidentiality of our working relationship.

Our Implementation Methodology 

Acumen believes a successful implementation is based on a two phase philosophy. The two phases in any project that Acumen will help you take on are Solution Design and Implementation. The most  important part of any project is actually the Solution Design phase. The time spent, or not spent, on whether or not the proposed solution will work and the design of such solution is what ultimately will allow the implementation to be a success.

Acumen’s experienced consultants have been through this process many times with companies in many different industries and know what questions to ask and how to help clarify the details of all important points. Our consultants can help the decision makers step out of their “normal” roles to analyze current policies, procedures, trends, and information requirements.

Implementation Methodology