ERP Planning Workshop

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Are You Ready to Let an Expert Guide You Through Your ERP Implementation Process?

Acumen Information Systems Implementation Workshop will allow you and your team to understand the scope of an ERP project. Implementing an ERP can be overwhelming for everyone, but our workshop will offer the best practices and the tools you need to allow your team to focus and be successful.

The team at Acumen Information Systems delivers team exercises to help you analyze your business and business processes. Our workshop not only breaks down your processes into pieces so they are crystal clear, it also breaks down the system into pieces that relate to the processes.

An effective ERP implementation planning method will help your team save time and money during the implementation process. Use our implementation workshop to give everyone an opportunity to see and understand the depth of such a process.

Acumen Information Systems implementation planning workshop will ensure that your ERP team is equipped with the knowledge, expectations, and processes required to have a successful outcome. Our planning workshop will help you develop a plan that, based on your own technology and methodology, addresses the critical success factors for an ERP implementation.

Acumen understands the key issues that companies face during an ERP implementation. We not only provide a written roadmap for your business to follow through this ERP implementation journey, we also allow you to visualize and recognize your current processes and systems in one place.

An Inside Look at Our Workshop:

Our Elements of an ERP Implementation Planning Workshop Include:

  • Risk management and stage gate reviews
  • ERP project management, controls, and governance
  • Business process and workflow definition
  • ERP system design and configuration requirements
  • Organizational change management, communications, and training
  • Business integration and user acceptance
  • ERP system integration
  • Infrastructure planning and ERP implementation
  • Data migration strategy

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